Substation engineering is facing some of its greatest challenges:

  • Increased number of projects to meet demand growth and new renewable energy sources
  • Increased requirements for flexible and innovative automation and control solutions
  • Decreasing life of automation equipment in the substation
  • Skills shortage and faster turnover of staff career duration

To meet these challenges Rod Hughes Consulting offers you a pathway for your organisation to do what it has traditionally done (utility, contractor, consultant, vendor) but in an exciting a dynamic new way in what I have coined as:

"More, Faster, Less, Less, Higher, Lower"

More projects, Faster time frame, Less money, Less resources, Higher reliability, Lower operational cost.

REUSABLE ENGINEERING is essential to break the shackles of “wire-based” engineering.

Naturally savings of 6-12 months in engineering time and 15-30% of CAPEX doesn’t come by just asking for a different box or waking up one morning and deciding to use a different tool – it takes investment in essential aspects of

  • Intellectual Property – the essential system concept and equipment specifications to get what is needed
  • Intellectual Capability – the essential processes and tools to support the engineering and lifecycle of the assets
  • Intellectual Capacity – having sufficient staff with the right skills to engineer and maintain the facilities.

Our services are focused on helping organisations make the change to meet the challenges and succeed …
… Yes, new technology choices are critical to achieving this with IEC 61850 being that enabling technology.

Our job is to take away the trepidation of making the change and help you do it the right way to maximise your benefits and we have the experience that proves it.